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Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Father Jehovah in the name of Christ Yeshua, please bring salvation and deliverance to the prison inmates of this nation. Please Lord may prison inmates that are already saved hold fast onto the faith, practice their faith, and proselytize the other inmates. Please Lord may the inmates that are unsaved receive salvation. Please Lord may the Corpus Christi show and have compassion and mercy on prison inmates and run prison ministries, deliverances, visitations, gift baskets, etc. and work to meet the needs of the families of the imprisoned, especially the elderly, the children, and the mothers raising children. May prison inmates know and experience the love of God through Corpus Christi so that they will give their lives to God. May the jailers be decent compassionate Christian men and women who work to keep the prison environment from being sadistic and dehumanizing; may the people of this society remember that Jesus Christ said that “so as do you to the least of these you do unto me”. Please may people recall that Christ told us to love our enemies, them that hate us, and them that wrong and despitefully misuse us. Please Lord may the incarcerated look not on the temporary physical state but instead concentrate on their eternal souls. Some of them will be blessed by you to be delivered from jail, others will not receive deliverance until they enter Heaven, but let them know that their deliverance is coming and for them to hold on until they receive it. Please Lord may your children not harden their hearts to the plight of those who are wrongly incarcerated, including those who are held in jails for months, even years, awaiting trial because they cannot afford bail or because bail was not granted to them, and those who were forced to plead guilty because they could not afford legal representation. Lord, may Christians sincerely pray for these people, and advocate for their justice as the Bible commands us to; as Jesus Christ commanded us to! Let us remember that we demonstrate our difference from those of the world who are filled with hatred and hardened hearts by showing love and mercy, even unto the poor, and even unto those who have committed serious crimes. Let us show with our ability to pray for, show mercy to, and seek the salvation and spiritual deliverance of even those who have committed the most depraved of crimes show that true Christians love everyone just as God loves everyone. Father Jehovah God, may Christians release and renounce their fears, bitterness, resentment, hatred, worldliness, and whatever else that prevents us from having and showing mercy unto people who are incarcerated, the families of those incarcerated, as well as the prison guards too. Please raise up pastors, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, and prophets among the Body of Christ; even among the incarcerated and the formerly incarcerated, who are willing to go where you send them into our prisons, jails, halfway houses, etc. so that men would hear the word of God, have faith, and be saved. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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