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Know Victory

Posted by Job on March 2, 2007

Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please do not let Your children accept defeat when the victory is already theirs. Please God raise up preachers, teachers, ministers, prophets, and evangelists to go forth into the body of Christ and remind them that the victory has already been accomplished in them by Christ. May they be reminded that they do not have to strive for the victory, for in striving for the victory they deny that the victory has already been won and thereby forfeit it. So Lord, please tell Your children that they should cease to strive for victory, but rather proclaim and claim the victory, and then walk in it. Please, Lord, prepare Your children for the realization that once they proclaim, claim, and walk in victory is when the real battle will begin, for that is when Satan will rise up and oppose them. Lord, please let them know that right now they are fighting a fake battle against their own doubt, fear, and the false doctrine and false teaching that they have received in continuing to fight for the victory, and as long as they continue to fight the fake battle, then there is no need for Satan to oppose them for Satan and his work is not being threatened by people who fight themselves and amongst themselves. Let your people know that it is when and only when they proclaim the victory with their lips and live the victory with their lives that Satan will come up against them, and that they will truly enter the realm of spiritual warfare. Let your people know, Lord, that it is then when You shall go out before them and conquer Satan and his demons on their behalf. Father God, let Your children know that the reason why they are not experiencing victory in their lives is because they have not yet begun to fight because they have been deceived, tricked, blinded, and led astray from the true fight and the real battlefield into falsehood and vanity. Father God, in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, please send forth Your preachers and speak through them to let Your children know that it is only when they begin to fight the real fight by proclaiming, claiming, and walking in their victory that the battle for them will have already been won!


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